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Penfolds re-corking clinics for 2014 confirmed

Penfolds have finalised the dates for this years Australian clinics, giving Penfolds collectors and enthusiasts the opportunity to have their prize possessions inspected by a Penfolds wine maker and potentially increase its value.

By Mark Wickman | Posted Friday, (ACST)

A cliniced bottle of Penfolds Grange

The (free) travelling Penfolds clinics are an opportunity for owners of old bottles of Penfolds (15 years and older, i.e. 1999 and earlier) to get their bottle assessed to see if it is still sound.

A Penfolds winemaker may remove the cork, assess the wine and if it is still sound, top it up with the current vintage, re-cork it and slap on a certificate (something that can increase the worth of the bottle to most Australian wine drinkers). The Australian clinic dates have been finalised but the locations are not confirmed.

Bookings will be open when all details have been announced, but keep the following dates free:

  • Brisbane: 5th & 6th of August
  • Sydney: 19th-21st August
  • Melbourne: 2nd-4th September
  • Adelaide: 17th & 18th September
  • Perth: 1st & 2nd October

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Photo Credit: Mark Wickman

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