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BOWMORE Bicentenary 1779-1979 Single Malt Whisky, Islay BT 1979 (x 1 Bottle (750ml))

Final Bid

 (each Bottle (750ml))


Auction Status


This is a historical record from a past auction that closed January 2023


15 Bids, 0 Trackers, 124 Views, Total lot hammer price at minimum per item bid = $2803 (plus 11% commission, shipping and insurance)


1 Bottle (750ml) BOWMORE Bicentenary 1779-1979 Single Malt Whisky, Islay BT 1979 (IMPORTANT: Due to a design flaw with all Bowmore Bicentenary bottles we seal the neck with parafilm during transit to reduce the risk of leaks & damage. Note Level. Active Weeping, Badly Damaged Wax Seal. images on website.)

Purchase & Storage History


Lot Details

  • Quantity 1
  • High Price $3250
  • Low(Avg) Price $2750
  • Starting Bid $2500
  • # of Bids 15
  • Final Bid $2803

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