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Selling Wine and Whisky in the current COVID-19 environment explained.

COVID-19 Operational Information For Sellers

Wickman’s have always been an online marketplace for the buying and selling of fine wine and whisky, technologically equipped to operate under a variety of situations. Our servers are fully hardened and scalable to be able to handle any likely stress scenario.

Our staff have always used the latest technology and techniques to value, catalogue and prepare your wine and whisky for auction.

If you have wine or whisky to sell, specialist auctions offer you, the seller, a targeted audience to achieve the best possible outcome in this challenging environment. Auctions offer the most reliable way of leveraging the highest value from any goods.

To get a valuation please fill in the form on the selling wines page.

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst we are managing different shifts and schedules for our warehouse to comply with changing COVID-19 directions there may also be a temporary, minor change of days when the auction opens and closes. We apologise in advance if this causes any inconvenience.

And of course there is always the disruption that is caused through staff having to isolate and we ask for your patience and understanding if this happens at a crucial time during the inspection and auction cycle.


Opinion; The changing landscape of wine & whisky values during a Pandemic

Updated 23rd January 2022

With supply chain issues impacting the production and release of current and new vintages, many more retail buyers may start to look at the secondary market as a place to acquire supply. However, the number of hospitality businesses negatively affected could very well negate those effects over the short term

Mark Wickman
Wine and Whisky Auctioneer