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Octomore Whisky Value and Price Guide

Guide to Valuing and Pricing Octomore Whisky for Auction

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Getting the value and pricing right when auctioning your Octomore whisky is paramount for both sellers and buyers. If the starting price is set too high, it can deter potential bidders, leading to a lack of interest and possibly resulting in the item not being sold. Conversely, if the price is set too low, it may attract a plethora of bids but ultimately sell for a value far below its worth, leaving the seller at a disadvantage. An accurate and well-researched appraisal ensures that the item is priced in line with its market value, reflecting its rarity, provenance, condition, and demand. By striking the right balance, both sellers and buyers can engage in the auction with confidence, knowing that the pricing aligns with industry standards and fair market value, thus maximizing the potential success of the sale.

What affects the value of your Octomore Whisky?

Octomore whisky auction : Packaging

Packaging is a crucial element in the valuation of Octomore whisky. Specifically, the original outer tube, which is tailored to match the release in terms of color and production details, adds considerable value to the bottle. Collectors often look for this matching packaging as a mark of authenticity. Using a mismatched or generic tube can result in a depreciation of the bottle's value, potentially by at least 30%. Therefore, the original packaging is not merely a container but a key component affecting the whisky's overall market worth.

Octomore whisky auction : Age Statements
Age Statements

In most whiskies, the age statement can often serve as a guideline for value. However, Octomore is unique in that the amount of peat, measured in Phenol Parts per Million (PPM), tends to set the trend for the price.

Understanding this variation can help you make more informed decisions when assessing the value of a specific Octomore bottle, as it is not the age statement in this case that can influence price.

Octomore whisky auction : Condition

The condition of an Octomore bottle label and its original outer tube is critical for maximizing resale value. Any imperfections on the label, such as scratches or stains, can diminish its worth. Likewise, the condition of the original outer tube, which is designed to match each specific Octomore release, holds significant importance, particularly for collectors. A damaged or mismatched tube can lead to a depreciation of up to 30% in the bottle's value. If you're planning to sell an Octomore bottle, it's crucial to package both the bottle and its original tube securely for transit to maintain their condition and value.

Octomore whisky auction : Series

The specific editions within a single release can also impact its value with some releases gaining cult status overnight. Here is a simplified breakdown of the editions:

.1 Editions: Distilled from 100% Scottish barley and primarily aged in ex-American oak casks. These are considered the backbone of each Octomore series.

.2 Editions: Also distilled from 100% Scottish barley but differentiated by European oak maturation. The type of European oak varies and is at the discretion of the Head Distiller.

.3 Editions: Distilled from 100% Islay barley and usually matured in a mix of ex-American and ex-European oak, subject to change in each edition. These are single estate, single vintage bottlings.

.4 Editions: Introduced in the 7th series, these editions feature the influence of Virgin Oak, which can be combined with American oak or occasionally feature full-term Virgin Oak maturation.

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