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COVID-19 Operational Information

A message from your Auctioneer, Mark Wickman

Wickman's remain fully operational and fully staffed thanks to your ongoing support.

  • We are following the advice of government and health authorities and are adjusting our business and operations accordingly with the health and safety of our employees, suppliers, buyers and vendors as our first priority.
  • We have always been an online marketplace, technologically equipped to operate under a variety of situations and our servers are fully hardened and scalable to be able to handle any likely stress scenario.
  • Our staff have always used the latest technology and techniques to catalogue and prepare your wine and whisky for auction in the most effecient way possible.
  • Please be aware that there can be delivery delays experienced at the moment with most carriers. To allow for changes with the delivery of your winning items we are offering extra options if you prefer not to have your wine shipped to you at this time (free storage).
  • If you have wine or whisky to sell we can offer you a targeted audience to achieve the best possible outcome in this challenging environment as auctions offer the best way of leveraging the highest value from any goods during a supply glut, which is likely to exist for the foreseeable future.
Please keep safe over the coming months and, if you are able, help somebody less fortunate than yourself.
-Mark Wickman
Please feel free to use these images in any personal, commercial, corporate, educational or charitable web based publication subject to the following restrictions:
  1. Email Wickmans with a link to where the image will be appearing on the web.
  2. Attribute the source of the photo to Wickmans by placing an active link somewhere on the page that the image appears.
    1. Active Link: https://www.wickman.net.au/
    2. Anchor Text must contain one of the following text options:
      1. Wickmans Fine Wine Auctions
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  3. You may crop or alter the image but must still attribute Wickmans as per above.
  4. You may not re-distribute or sell these images or claim them as your own or use them in anything but a digital medium (ie. Not to be used on T-Shirts, greeting cards, mugs, games etc.).
  5. You may not use them for pornographic, unlawful or defamatory purposes.
  6. You may not use them as part of a Logo, trademark or other corporate identity.
I will be updating this page on a regular basis and adding more images as I undertake the arduous process of sorting 10 years of wine related images.

Last updated: 26th April 2013

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