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Sell Your Octomore Whisky Online: Australian Whisky Auction

A Guide to Selling your Octomore Whisky at the best price

Wickman’s Fine wine and whisky Auctions have been running online auctions for two decades. Selling your Octomore at Auction can be as easy as sending it in to us to submit into our next monthly auction! On this page we will take you through some ‘good to know’ points to make sure you are getting the best sale price for your bottle and you can get the process started with a no obligation valuation using our form at the side!

Understanding the Selling Process

know how to sell your Octomore whisky
Know Your Whisky

Understanding the many nuances of the Octomore whisky you're selling is essential. Knowing what sets each release apart, such as the type of barley used, the maturation time, and the specific casks employed, will help you talk intelligently about your product. For example, an Octomore 11.1, matured in American oak, offers fruity notes alongside its signature peat-smoke punch. In contrast, the Octomore 11.3, matured in premium wine casks, has a spicier, more robust profile. Your expertise will not only impress potential buyers but also allow you to correctly market your whisky.

Find out how the different releases of Octomore sell at auction in Australia and a little more about how the whisky auction market works for Octomore.

Understand how the preservation and condition of your Octomore Whisky affects the sale.
Preservation and Condition

The condition of the bottle and how well the whisky has been preserved can significantly impact its market value. Store your Octomore bottles upright to prevent the cork from drying out, and keep them in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight. Any signs of leakage or damage can devalue the whisky, so periodic checks are advised.

Understand the market demand for Octomore
Market Demand

The demand for different Octomore releases can vary widely, influenced by several factors like how rare the bottle is, its age, and the kind of cask used for aging. For example, a special edition like Octomore 7.4, which is matured in virgin oak casks, is rarer and might fetch a higher price at auction. Understanding the specific demand for the type of Octomore you're selling can help you find the right buyers.

Setting the right price for your Octomore Whisky
Setting The Right Price

The price you agree for your Octomore bottle should consider several factors: its rarity, age, condition, and the current demand in the market. While it may be tempting to look at retail values, be cautious, as these often include the retailer's overheads and may inflate the actual worth. A better gauge for setting your price would be to research recent auction results for Octomore bottles similar to yours. This will give you a more accurate understanding of the market rate, helping you set a price that is both competitive and fair—ensuring you attract the right buyers and maximize your profit.

Make sure you have all the documentation

Having proper documentation adds credibility and can increase the value of your bottle. Original packaging, certificates of authenticity, or any tasting notes from the distillery can make your Octomore more appealing to serious buyers. Organize these documents neatly, and consider making digital copies for easy sharing.

Send photographs for the most efficient valuation

High-quality photos can greatly enhance your listing. If asked for photos for your valuation, take clear, well-lit photos from multiple angles, focusing on any unique features or labels on the bottle. Show the fill level of the whisky, and if possible, include a photo of the bottle next to its original packaging or any certificates of authenticity you may have.

Prepare for shipping when you are ready

If you're shipping your Octomore to an auction house, proper packing is crucial to preserve its condition. Use sturdy boxes and ample cushioning materials like bubble wrap to minimize movement during transit. Seal the bottle to prevent leakage and include any accompanying documentation in the package. If you're dropping it off in person, bring all documentation and ensure the bottle is in pristine condition.

Selling Octomore Whisky
Sell Octomore


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How does selling my bottle(s) of Octomore at auction work?


Request a valuation of your bottle(s)

Using the form on this page, please send through your list of bottle(s) that you would like to receive a valuation on.

You can send images of the label, packaging etc. through to us on this email: Send your Octomore images here


Consider the valuation

Your valuation is based on real market values and our auction expertise.


Get your bottle(s) to us

Depending on your consignment and your location you can ship or drop off your bottles to us. Your options will be supplied with your valuation.


Approve your stock list

Prior to your bottles going live in our auction you will receive a stock list with your bottles and any re-calculated reserves based on our inspection.


Monthly Auction goes live

Your lots will be open for bidding for the week of the auction. You can keep an eye out for bids or await our email to let you know what sold and its hammer price.


Receive Payment

Payment will be sent through to your nominated bank as soon as we have received payment from the buyer.