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COVID-19 Operational Information

A message from your Auctioneer, Mark Wickman

Wickman's remain fully operational and fully staffed thanks to your ongoing support.

  • We are following the advice of government and health authorities and are adjusting our business and operations accordingly with the health and safety of our employees, suppliers, buyers and vendors as our first priority.
  • We have always been an online marketplace, technologically equipped to operate under a variety of situations and our servers are fully hardened and scalable to be able to handle any likely stress scenario.
  • Our staff have always used the latest technology and techniques to catalogue and prepare your wine and whisky for auction in the most effecient way possible.
  • Please be aware that there can be delivery delays experienced at the moment with most carriers. To allow for changes with the delivery of your winning items we are offering extra options if you prefer not to have your wine shipped to you at this time (free storage).
  • If you have wine or whisky to sell we can offer you a targeted audience to achieve the best possible outcome in this challenging environment as auctions offer the best way of leveraging the highest value from any goods during a supply glut, which is likely to exist for the foreseeable future.
Please keep safe over the coming months and, if you are able, help somebody less fortunate than yourself.
-Mark Wickman
Applicable from the 19th April 2011 (until further notice) the following shipping charges will apply


1 x Carton most places in Australia (See below) - $17
i.e. 2+ Bottles
We ship a carton to most destinations in Australia (Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth) for $17 except for country Queensland, country Western Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania. The carton value to these destinations must equal or exceed $250 (hammer price) or a surcharge of $15 will apply. 
  • Country Queensland Postcodes; 4300-4499, 4576-4689, 9597-9699, 9880-9999
  • Country Western Australia Postcodes; 6215-6699 , 6700-6799
  • Northern Territory Postcodes; 0800 - 0999
  • Tasmania Postcodes; 7000-7999

1 Only x 750ml Bottle anywhere in Australia - $10 
If you only want or end up with just one bottle.

NOTE: A carton can contain up to 12 x standard 750ml bottles (without original timber cases), 3 magnums (without presentation boxes), 2 Magnums (with presentation boxes) or 1 large format bottle. Anything not in a standard 750ml bottle (typically: Australian Ports) are packaged as either 6 or 9 per carton. Please contact us if you need clarification.
All of the above prices include packing, materials and insurance (up to $240).

Extra insurance will be added to your invoice if your wine is valued in excess of $240 for the cost of $1.50 per $100 value.

IMPORTANT: We do not ship wine when very hot weather is expected as heat exposure can damage it. We will keep your wine in storage until such time it is safe to ship.


Please ask for a quote if you do not see your country listed here. It is your responsibility to ensure you are aware of any applicable local laws and the duties and taxes you will be liable for when receiving your wine. Prices are per carton of 12 bottles unless otherwise noted.


Door to Door via Air $345 (3-4 weeks)
Door to Door via Sea $295 (6-8 weeks) 
All wine is packaged in polystyrene containers.
Insurance is 2.5% of value ($15 minimum).
IMPORTANT: We do not ship wine when very hot weather is expected as heat exposure can damage it. I will keep your wine in storage until such time it is safe to ship.
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