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Sell Your Bowmore Bicentenary Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Bowmore Bicentenary Whisky represents a limited-edition offering from Bowmore Distillery. Two distinct releases of the Bowmore Bicentenary have been made available, with each edition garnering significant interest from collectors worldwide. As these bottles increase in value over time, collectors may consider selling their private bottles. Tips and best practices for selling Bowmore Bicentenary are explored, covering recent sales, whisky forums, price changes over time, where to sell, and associated costs.

Bowmore Bicentenary Releases

First Release

Bowmore Bicentenary Whisky, First Edition

The first release, named "Bowmore Bicentenary," combines 10 vintages from 1950 to 1966, mostly matured in ex-sherry casks in the original No.1 vault dating back to 1779. This edition comes in a timber box, often sold with several paper accessories included in the original release.

Second Release

Bowmore Bicentenary Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 2nd Edition

The second release, called "Bowmore Bicentenary 1964," features a vintage single malt aged for 29 years, also predominantly matured in ex-sherry casks in the renowned No.1 vault. This edition is packaged in a black box with a neck label stating, "distilled 1964 Bowmore."

Design Flaw

Design flaw in the Bowmore Bicentenary Whisky Bottles

It is important to note that there is a design flaw in these bottles where the cork is slim and is held in by the wax seal. However, the wax disintegrates upon contact with whisky, so often these capsules are discoloured, tacky, or can cause issues with weeping whisky, especially during transit if not prepared correctly.

Recent Sales

Recent sales of Bowmore Bicentenary whisky at prestigious auction houses like Wickmans Fine Wine Auctions, Christie's, and Sotheby's indicate the growing interest in this limited-edition release. These sales often exceed initial estimates, illustrating the strong demand from collectors and connoisseurs. Remeber that results in Europe and the USA are usually much better than what can be acheived in Australia.

Whisky Forums, Blogs and Magazines

Information on selling and collecting Bowmore Bicentenary whisky can be found in whisky forums, blogs and magazines, where collectors share their experiences, tips, and insights. Some popular whisky forums include:

Price Changes Over Time

The value of Bowmore Bicentenary whisky has generally increased over time, making it an attractive investment for collectors. The limited-edition nature of the release, along with its historical significance, contributes to the rising value.

Where to Sell

Several options exist when deciding where to sell a private bottle of Bowmore Bicentenary:

  • Auction houses (online and traditional) such as Wickman's
  • Specialty whisky retailers.
  • Private collectors.

Auction houses, both online and traditional, are popular choices due to their extensive reach and established clientele. Specialty whisky retailers and private collectors may also be interested in purchasing these limited-edition bottles but be careful advertising on social media, gumtree and ebay as you will need a liquor liscence.

Associated Costs

Costs associated with selling a private bottle of Bowmore Bicentenary can vary depending on the chosen method of sale. For example:

  • Auction houses typically charge a commission fee, which is a percentage of the final sale price. This fee can range from 10% to 25%, depending on the auction house's policies. Check first and search for reviews on the auction house.
  • When selling to private collectors or specialty retailers, negotiation may be necessary to determine the final sale price and any associated costs. Also note that you cannot sell through ebay or Social Media without a liquor Liscence.

Various factors need to be considered when selling a private bottle of Bowmore Bicentenary whisky, including recent sales data, insights from whisky forums, magazines and blogs, price changes over time, potential selling venues, and associated costs. Thorough research of these aspects can help collectors make informed decisions and maximize the return on their investment.

What Can I do Now ?

If you would like to sell your Bowmore whisky you can request a free valuation of your whisky from Wickman's Wine and Whisky Auctions or if you are happy to read a bit more then you can visit our guide on how to value whisky for auction.

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