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Wine blogs are a great way to find interesting and fresh wine reviews and inside information about the wine industry so you know that you are stocking the best wines for your cellar.

Wine bloggers are passionate and enthusiastic about their hobby. They are not paid for their reviews and write for the love of wine and that in itself is the appeal. Their opinions can be relied upon to be unbiased and realistic about the wines they taste locally and around the world. They are all wine buyers and collectors just like you!

I would advise subscribing and following as many as you can. Most of them only get time to post infrequently so you will rarely get overwhelmed, in fact you may find yourself wanting more !

I will try to keep these listings up to date, reviewing and detailing only websites that are posting regular and who do not charge any sort of subscription fee.

-Mark Wickman

Latest Review Date: March 2016

Australian Wine Blogs

Latest wine blog reviewWalking The Vines (Australian Blog)
An enthusiastic wine collector and taster, Grant predominantly posts about his and his wife’s infatuation with Burgundian wines with the odd Aussie thrown in.

Uncorked and Cultivated (Australian Blog)
This is the website for Master of Wine Peter Scudamore-Smith. Peter writes a variety of educational articles from a professional standpoint as well as writing about his recent travels through wine regions of the world. He keeps it updated with monthly posts.

Country Wine (Australian Wine Blog)
Haha.. A great blog about wine and just a very entertaining read.. and a very unique way of scoring wine.. I couldnt stop laughing over some of the wine descriptors.. "poo-bum-wee.. coco pops"... obviously not a wine taster to pull punches. Each post is a classic read in itself .. oh and a must read for all wine investors looking for tips on the future directions of their investments with telling insights such as "..is Crystal Brook the next Bordeaux?".. , you would be unwise not to read it.

More Red Sir! (Wine Blog - Australia)
A South Australian based blogger who likes to write about some of the lesser known varieties. An amusing and entertaining read of down to earth personal experiences with wine tasting and the occasional experience in the vineyard.

il vino da tavola (Merchant Blog - Australia)
An interesting blog from an Australian wine importer, blogging about Italian wine reviews and information about Italian wine in Australia. It is certainly NOT a blatant self promotional blog about his business but genuine posts from a wine enthusiast who is passionate for Italian wine he just happens to have a business in.

Simple Palates Seriously (Wine & Food Blog - Australia)
Terrence is a regular contributor to Australian wine forums and is adept at locating some great local and international wines and reviewing them with an interesting style. With an appreciation of food and drink, the reviews make for an interesting read and definitely worth a follow.

SAZ in the Cellar (Wine Blog - Australia)
Steve is a passionate wine collector who has been collecting good quality Australian wines for many years and writes about his personal experiences with his wine, cellar, dining and wine friends. Last year Steve decided to cull his cellar and sent over a pallet of wine to share through auction and detailed the process of how he went about selling his wine collection.

Appellation Australia (Wine Blog - Australia)
I have been following Cams blog for some time now. Cam is a frequent contributor to many of the wine discussions in Australian wine forums and a great photographer. He has a highly respected palate and his photos of an evenings wine dinner are just fantastic.

Alontin's Australian Wine Reviews & Beyond (Wine Blog - Australia)
A wine collector since the early 80's, Thomas tastes and reviews mainly Australian wine but also dabbles in a number of Europeans. Certainly somebody with valuable wine opinions !

Chris Shanahan (Wine Blog - Australia)
Chris has been writing insightful articles and reviews for many years and his blog is a wealth of information. Personally I love reading through the articles from the nineties and comparing the way the industry was then with now.

Grape Observer (Wine Blog - Australia)
An interesting wine blog on a variety of Australian and International wines. Sean Mitchell writes observant, honest views of the wines he tastes and the industry he inhabits.

Wine Muse (Wine Blog - Australia)
Interesting and professionally done musings on all things wine. A popular blog with mainly Australian wine reviews.

New Zealand Wine Blogs

Gary Bowerings wine notes (Wine Blog - New Zealand)
Gary has been interested in wine for 30+ years and is on the Consumer New Zealand wine tasting panel. A great source of information on the latest New Zealand wines.


International Wine Blogs

The Wine Cask Blog (Wine Reviews)
A US based wine blog run by 3 regular guys who write the reviews as a hobby, love their wine, have differing degrees of wine experience and travel for their work. A combination that makes for some nicely balanced reviews and interesting reading.

The Nice Drinks in Life (Wine reviews, also teas and coffees)
Obviously somebody who is used to describing things with a degree of grace and poetic prose. A number of interesting wines reviewed, which would certainly be worth hunting down. Daniel's wine reviews are professional and interesting and a great source of information.

Wine Folly (Educational wine tips, tricks & antics)
Not so much a blog but a very well laid out and designed website that uses well thought out info-graphics and interesting, unique & entertaining videos for experienced or new wine enthusiasts (the video on Minerality in Wine where she is sniffing and licking her way through rocks and chalk is a giggle as well as educational).

Wine Predator (US based wine Blog)
Clean, sharp and interesting posts about, mainly, European wines. Gwen also likes to focus on wine related social media events and interactions. Definitely worth a read.


Gone Walkabout or otherwise not posting

Wining Pom (Australian Wine Blog)
A pommy wine scribe that doesn't talk down to colonials.. nice.. Down to earth tasting notes, a good selection of wine reviews, fairly frequent and a pleasure to read.

Full Pour (Wine Blog - Australian & American)
An interesting wine blog with two contributors, Chris in the USA and Julian in Australia (although lately Chris has been a bit absent). A very interesting read on a variety of wine and great experiences with wine dinners. Frequent posts with mouth watering tasting notes.

Bianco-Rosso (Wine Blog - Italian wines in Australia)
Another great blog focussing on Italian wines and varieties in Australia. Frequent postings, good, balanced reviews and helpful posts. Awesome blog for fans of Italian vino !

What I am drinking at the time (Wine & Food Blog - Australia)
Kenneth is a recent convert to wine but has a certain flair for writing unique tasting notes with interesting descriptors. He gets out and about writing about vertical tastings, wine dinners and comparing Australian and French wines. An interesting site with lots of great information and honest insights.

drunk.com (Wine Blog - Australia)
An American living in Australia, Sean has created a very interesting blog with an educational flavour. Widely travelled throughout the worlds wine regions, getting his hands dirty picking grapes in the Barossa and a WSET instructor, his tasting notes on a wide variety of Australian and International wines always contain interesting information about the grapes, regions and the wineries.

My Wine Journey (Wine Blog - Australia)
An excellent blog with many current release wines on the tasting block. David writes frequent tasting notes and seems to have a good instinct for ferreting out great wines.

Tigchandler (Australian Wine News Blog)
An English wine economist based in Adelaide, Nicola writes about topics of interest to the local Australian wine industry with a professional and academic flair not present in many personal blogs. She also has also appeared in our video reviews for Pierro Chardonnay and Mayhem Pinot Noir.

Vinofreakism (Wine and Sake Blog - General)
I believe that Dave Brookes blog is without peer. He runs the site with high moral principles and compelling articles about all manner of wines that suit his taste on his quest for 'authentic' wines. Although most of his reviews are on European wine (and sake) he lives and works in Australia and if you want to discover interesting wines of high quality.. look no further!

Just Having a Wine (Wine Blog - Australia)
A personal wine blog.. just an ordinary guy writing about the wine he has tasted.. his passion - wine !

Lady Parker (Video Wine Blog Reviews - New Zealand)
Mainly New Zealand wine reviews on video by a charming kiwi wine reviewer.

Wine and I (South African Wine blog)
Refreshingly different tasting notes and the promise of very entertaining and informative wine tasting videos, all delivered with a degree of humor and from an honest, no bullshit perspective. Mainly South African wines with some colloquial references that are pretty easy to follow. I am looking forward to getting my hands on some of the wine he reviews.

The Joseph Report (UK Wine blog)
A very clever and amusing wine blog with general posts on the international wine industry from a UK perspective and good, common sense articles on the value of wine. Robert is also a guest writer for Master of Wine, Tim Atkin.

More than just wine (French wine blog in English)
I love this site, its one of my favourite blogs at the moment and its not all just about wine. It expresses and celebrates that wonderful connection between wine, literature, art and just a general appreciation of life. Inspirational, well written, interesting and always entertaining.


Author: Mark Wickman
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Australian Wine Blogs

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