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A message from your Auctioneer, Mark Wickman

Wickman's remain fully operational and fully staffed thanks to your ongoing support.

  • We are following the advice of government and health authorities and are adjusting our business and operations accordingly with the health and safety of our employees, suppliers, buyers and vendors as our first priority.
  • We have always been an online marketplace, technologically equipped to operate under a variety of situations and our servers are fully hardened and scalable to be able to handle any likely stress scenario.
  • Our staff have always used the latest technology and techniques to catalogue and prepare your wine and whisky for auction in the most effecient way possible.
  • Please be aware that there can be delivery delays experienced at the moment with most carriers. To allow for changes with the delivery of your winning items we are offering extra options if you prefer not to have your wine shipped to you at this time (free storage).
  • If you have wine or whisky to sell we can offer you a targeted audience to achieve the best possible outcome in this challenging environment as auctions offer the best way of leveraging the highest value from any goods during a supply glut, which is likely to exist for the foreseeable future.
Please keep safe over the coming months and, if you are able, help somebody less fortunate than yourself.
-Mark Wickman

Wickman's Wine Trader Magazine

A selection of articles published on Wickman's on a variety of wine related topics.

Wine Investment Snippets #1Various wine investment topics by auctioneer Mark Wickman16-Aug-201216-Aug-2012
Great Wines of the world - German RieslingsOne mans quest to explore the great wines of the world15-May-201219-May-2012
Sensing WendoureeWhen tasting the very best wines you can get a sense of the place, the wines and the people..05-Feb-201205-Feb-2012
Top 25 Selling Auction Wines of 2011Wickmans Lists the top selling auction wines of 2011 with data aggregated from 4 different Australian auction houses20-Dec-201120-Dec-2011
A tribute to Eric Purbrick; Chateau TahbilkAnother reminder of the reward for patience and of the folly of chasing a fast buck and jettisoning an icon. If the sons of Eric Purbrick had stayed with his production of the Cabernet Sauvignon in limited production, the wine would now be a world wine icon of the genre of Grange27-Aug-201103-Dec-2011
Vertical Tastings; Oliver's Taranga Wines, McLaren ValeAn attempt to give a personal view of how a number of Australian wines from the same winery are stacking up to each other over the years27-Jun-200629-Sept-2011
Wine Collecting; The rewards of patient cellaringManagement Consultant, author and avid wine collector Louis Coutts, ponders the rewards of enduring the temptations of opening your wine too early07-Apr-200628-Sept-2011
How is it Ageing ? De Bortoli Noble One back vintages, Tasting NotesThis is the fourth in a series of tasting notes that will attempt to give a personal view of how a number of Australian wines are ageing16-Aug-200528-Sept-2011
How is it Ageing ? 1996 Australian Cabernet Sauvignon, Tasting NotesThis is the third in a series of tasting notes that will attempt to give a personal view of how a number of Australian wines are ageing11-May-200527-Sept-2011
How is it Ageing ? 1997 Australian Shiraz, Tasting NotesThis is the second in a series of tasting notes that will attempt to give a personal view of how a number of Australian wines are ageing13-Apr-200526-Sept-2011

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