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Wickman’s Wine Trading and Investment Snippet #1

Six real examples of wine investment that have seen successful returns by various individuals.

Wickman’s do not advocate investing in wine for financial gain. However, we do acknowledge that some wine can become such a desirable commodity that many wine lovers and enthusiasts are willing to pay extraordinary amounts for them. There are also those that try to make money from this fact. Be warned; the simple reality is that hardly anybody makes money from wine investment except for the broker or auctioneer. These snippets will attempt to cover various topics, pitfalls and insights relating to this specialised subject.

A few people that have been successful at buying and selling wines through auction !

From our auction records:
  1. Glaetzer Amon- Ra 2009 purchased in August 2010 for $45 each and sold August 2011 for $72.
  2. Henschke Hill of Grace 1998 purchased in 2003 for $180 and sold February 2012 for $418.
  3. Penfolds bin 707 vintage 2008 purchased for $122 in June 2011 and sold in December 2011 for $180
  4. Penfolds 1996 Grange purchased for $300 in late 2009 and sold for $400 in mid 2012.
  5. Rockford basket press Shiraz 2004 purchased in April 2007 for $46 per bottle and sold in July 2011 for $86
  6. Rockford basket press 2008 purchased for $43 in early 2011 and sold for $65 in September 2011.

In all cases the person who ended up buying and then selling the wine for a profit knew:

  • Which vintages they were buying and how long to hold them for before they sold.
  • They knew the market and were wine enthusiasts.
  • Before they purchased they ensured they had a potential sales channel available before they committed themselves (see online and other channels to sell wine).
  • They were able to pick up the wine at below the current market rate when the opportunity presented itself.
  • They understood the fundamentals.

At the end of the day, for each one of the above successes there are 50 stories of woe!

Author: Mark Wickman

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