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One of Australia’s legendary cult wines, the Quintet Cabernets is based on classic Bordeaux blends of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot, with the final blends changing each season.

First created and produced in the mid-seventies, by self taught winemaker, the late Dr John Middleton, for friends and family. The circle of friends continued to grow each season and has now become an iconic and rare, small volume wine highly sought after by Australian fine wine lovers, some of whom sum up the Quintet experience as “..hauntingly beautiful wines that never disappoint.” .

What are mature vintages of Mnt Mary Quintet drinking like?

Earlier vintages such as the 1990 have been drinking well for many years and will likely continue to drink very, very well for a decade or so more. A recent vertical wine tasting in November 2011 shows that Mount Mary Quintet continues to yield a consistent quality and style over the decades.

Recent auction prices paid

  • 2003 Mount Mary Quintet 750ml; hammer price of $90 each
  • 2004 Mount Mary Quintet 750ml; hammer price of $90 each
  • 2005 Mount Mary Quintet 750ml; hammer price of $99 each
  • 2006 Mount Mary Quintet Magnum; hammer price of $250 each
  • 2008 Mount Mary Quintet 750ml; hammer price of $77 each

Auction dates were early 2013 at Wickman's Fine Wine Auctions. These prices do not include any commissions. The wines that were sold were verified for quality and provenance.

Auction results and price guide for Mount Mary Quintet.

What was in our wine auctions (March 2013)

Wine NameVintageQtySizeReserveLowHigh
MOUNT MARY Quintet Cabernet Blend, Yarra Valley200324Bottle$90$100$150
MOUNT MARY Quintet Cabernet Blend, Yarra Valley200427Bottle$90$100$150
MOUNT MARY Quintet Cabernet Blend, Yarra Valley200524Bottle$99$110$150
MOUNT MARY Quintet Cabernet Blend, Yarra Valley200629Magnum$250$360$380
MOUNT MARY Quintet Cabernet Blend, Yarra Valley200837Magnum$247$320$370

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Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets Video Wine Review

Around the blogs with Mount Mary Quintet

We believe that wine blogs are a fantastic source of trusted information that can be used to guide you towards fantastic bargains and forgotten treasures. We are, slowly, building a list of recommended wine blogs from around the world. The blogs mentioned below are just some of the ones we have found online with tasting notes of Mount Mary Quintet and we may not have had time to review all of these blogs as yet, but will eventually.

Historical and estimated wine auction prices

Valid July 2024

Wine NameVintageLowHighSizeComments
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1976$195$260Bottle  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1976$900$1,000Magnum  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1977$185$230Bottle  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1977$0$0Magnum  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1978$160$220Bottle  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1979$170$250Bottle  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1979$1,000$1,300Imperial  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1979$220$300Magnum  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1980$80$110Bottle  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1980$40$50Half Bottle  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1980$360$480Magnum  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1981$80$110Bottle  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1981$360$520Magnum  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1982$80$110Bottle  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1982$30$60Half Bottle  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1982$440$620Magnum  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1983$85$100Bottle  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1983$25$35Half Bottle  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1983$320$440Magnum  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1984$80$110Bottle  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1984$25$30Half Bottle  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1984$550$800Magnum  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1985$80$110Bottle  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1985$50$70Half Bottle  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1985$320$420Magnum  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1986$90$120Bottle  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1986$400$550Magnum  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1987$80$110Bottle  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1987$36$52Half Bottle  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1987$900$1,000Imperial  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1987$500$700Magnum  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1988$100$140Bottle  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1988$900$950Double Magnum  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1988$65$70Half Bottle  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1988$450$750Magnum  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1989$70$100Bottle  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1989$25$30Half Bottle  
Mount Mary Lilydale Cabernets1989$250$300Magnum  
Mount Mary Cabernets Quintet1990$150$240Bottle Extraordinary vintage
Mount Mary Cabernets Quintet1990$80$110Half Bottle Extraordinary vintage
Mount Mary Cabernets Quintet1990$600$850Magnum Extraordinary vintage
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets1991$100$150Bottle Retail release price at $30
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets1991$50$60Half Bottle  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets1991$450$750Magnum  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets1992$100$120Bottle  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets1992$66$85Half Bottle  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets1992$270$320Magnum  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets1993$85$110Bottle  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets1993$950$1,250Double Magnum  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets1993$420$470Magnum  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets1994$90$125Bottle Retail release price at $40
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets1994$750$1,050Double Magnum  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets1994$60$65Half Bottle  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets1994$350$430Magnum  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets1995$100$120Bottle  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets1995$55$75Half Bottle  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets1995$300$520Magnum  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets1996$120$145Bottle  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets1996$55$65Half Bottle  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets1996$470$530Magnum  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets1997$90$130Bottle  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets1997$36$46Half Bottle  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets1997$2,400$2,500Imperial  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets1997$290$460Magnum  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets1998$130$210Bottle  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets1998$1,100$1,400Double Magnum  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets1998$50$75Half Bottle  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets1998$2,000$2,600Imperial  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets1998$440$620Magnum  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets1999$120$150Bottle  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets1999$294$400Magnum  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets2000$120$180Bottle  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets2000$750$1,050Double Magnum  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets2000$50$70Half Bottle  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets2000$1,800$1,900Imperial  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets2000$300$400Magnum  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets2001$100$140Bottle  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets2001$1,000$1,100Double Magnum  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets2001$55$70Half Bottle  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets2001$300$400Magnum  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets2002$110$150Bottle  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets2002$2,400$2,500Imperial  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets2002$300$500Magnum  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets2003$100$150Bottle  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets2003$50$55Half Bottle  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets2003$390$500Magnum  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets2003$3,700$3,800Salmanazar  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets2004$100$150Bottle  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets2004$700$950Double Magnum  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets2004$70$80Half Bottle  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets2004$300$400Magnum  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets2005$110$150Bottle  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets2005$800$1,000Double Magnum  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets2005$350$500Magnum  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets2006$95$130Bottle The last vintage produced by the late John Middleton
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets2006$360$380Magnum The last vintage produced by the late John Middleton
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets2007$70$100Bottle This vintage "NOT FOR SALE" branded on the labels, given away to members, because of the poor vintage conditions.
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets2008$90$110Bottle  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets2008$50$55Half Bottle  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets2008$300$370Magnum  
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets2009$0$0Bottle This vintage not released, declassified to the Reflexion
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets2010$80$85Bottle Retail release price at $130
Mount Mary Quintet Cabernets2010$340$380Magnum  

Values have been aggregated from national secondary market data.

Notes on pricing and valuation

Low Range
Typically, price clusters form over time at market value. The low value is then calculated from the average accumulated hammer price at auction from multiple Australian wine auction houses over a 6 month period. All prices are for bottles with no damage or ullage. Well stored bottles with a documented purchase and storage history will always attract the best prices.

High Range
High prices are typically outliers or record high values achieved over a long period of time and,typically, includes only a very low sample of bottles sold, never the average and most often only a single bottle.

Last sale
This figure is not shown, as using it in isolation can produce a false sense of the true value of a bottle.

A note on auction reserves
All auction houses generally set a reserve price 10% less than the low price range. This allows for fluctuations of the market price going down as well as up.

Author: Mark Wickman
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