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Grange Hermitage signed by Max SchubertThe first commercial release of Penfolds Grange of the 1952 vintage was for less than $1, an extraordinary amount in those days. That bottle today sells for over $16,000. Over the years Penfolds were always at the forefront of pricing controversy. The release of the 1976 made headlines for the amazing asking price of $20 per bottle, the first Australian wine to breach that barrier. With each successive vintage, Penfolds applied a modest 10% to 15% increase while the secondary market would then quickly bid up the new releases. The world acclaimed 1990 Penfolds Grange release in 1995 had retail buyers snapping up as much Grange stock as they could for $140 and flipping it on the secondary market a short time later for $300. There came a time when you could not buy bottles of Penfolds Grange at retail as it became common practice for Australian wine retailers to stash away their stock from the public and bring it out a few months later to sell at auction. Penfolds could have capitalised on this price differential many years earlier than it did but held off from profiteering back then. Finally, to restore equilibrium in the market place, Penfolds had no choice but to raise the retail level of Penfolds Grange to the same price the retailers appeared to value it through the secondary market and thus restore its place on the bottle shop shelves. It was at this juncture that Penfolds Grange was no longer a quick and easy investment prospect, either long term or short term.

In summary, the investment potential of Penfolds Grange

From the mid 1950's through to the late 1990's, if you purchased the latest release Penfolds Grange from your local bottle shop at the Penfolds recommended retail price you could expect to make a tidy profit by reselling it within a few months and even more if it was a great vintage and you held it for a decade or two. That all changed when Penfolds upped the recommended retail price to the, then, current auction price.

Since then Penfolds have been steadily increasing the retail price until it now leads auction values. Now it has very limited investment potential unless you can purchase it less than the current auction market value or you can locate a new secondary market to sell into.

Whilst it is still possible to make some profit from buying and selling Penfolds Grange, you need to be very careful about the provenance and do your homework about its on-sale potential before you commit to purchase.

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